Graf/Lit Sneak-Peak

With the publication in production and the show fast approaching I thought it would be absolutely fantastic to taunt and tantalize your creative taste-buds with sneak-peaks of the awesome work you can expect to enjoy in the publication and at our opening on 23 September at Young Blood Gallery.

And the honour of first sneak-peak goes to the amazingly talented Ben Winfield. Ben is taking part in both the publication and the show (with even some sculptural pieces) all promising to be freaking brilliant as is the artist himself! Below you can feast on some snippets from is entry in the publication.

Have you ever wandered what goes through the mind of the homeless when they drift off and day dream – what occupies their mind space? To us they merely sit under their bridge in a seemingly boring monotony but who is to say what fantastical thoughts are submerged beneath their mop of hair? This is the concept Ben is exploring in his narrative “QUTOV”

BEN WINFIELD-Graflit-Page-01BEN WINFIELD-Graflit-Page-02


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