Graf/Lit Sneak Peak 3 (excuse the pun)

Prepare for three Sneak-Peaks at once!! Woohoo – the awesome- it burns… so good!

One can get completely lost re-reading Jean De Wet’s comics and just staring and staring at his illustrations. This multi-talented and super fantastic artist has also worked tirelessly to ensure that this year’s publication comes out just right! De Wet’s fun and quirky story will definitely stand out in your mind and have you asking for more!


This intricate illustration taster by Anwar Davids is incredibly moving especially with each illustration paired with one of four poems outlining the artist’s feelings and thoughts on how the goals of each of the Cape Coons are influenced by the history of their culture, or even how Davids himself was influenced growing up by the flower vendor ladies on Aderley Street. A multifarious peak into the artist’s own Cape Townian psyche!


Theodore Key is and has been an outstanding South African children’s book illustrator for many years now. It is not hard to see why when we take a look at this little preview of his entry for the publication.

Key’s story follows Graham (a man) and Warren (his massive pet walrus) as they arrive in Cape Town. Key describes how “Straight off the bat they find it total murder trying to secure a walrus friendly flat in the city bowl”! This light hearted story and accompanying watercolour illustrations will definitely leave you with a smile on your face!



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