Old man and the 2B 2B 2b too Iyay

Its finally here.   Graf/Lit is opening tonight.  So here with this blog i’m sharing with you all a highly personal moment in my life.

This comic strip is actually something that happened to me – its a real life TRUE event.  The only reason this came about was to explain what had happened to my kids – and was done as a bit of art therapy, also being a gentle artistic nudge as I hadn’t drawn a comic in while.

The described event (including the initial drawing) all happened over seven years ago and its inclusion at this exhibition hopefully means I can finally lay all the demons to rest and get some closure.  If you want to see more or other artwork I have done head over to my Facebook page and follow Tom Kyffin ART for updates and further postings.

Go see the show – marvel at the various contributions – check the flyer for where and when. If your feeling rich buy the book (its a very limited edition, there are very few!) and most of all enjoy!


Tom K

Graflit page 1_abGraflit page 2_abGraflit page 3_abGraflit page 4_abGraflit page 5_abGraflit page 6_abGraflit page 7_abGraflit page 8_abGraflit page 9_abGraflit Sep 14


Old man and the 2B 2B 2b too

The Events are up and running.  The artists will be half frazzled and you have tomorrow to check out the ComicFest in Capetown.  The images from this blog are in the Graphlit Book available at the Fest.  Otherwise mosey on down to the Youngblood gallery to see the book and exhibiting artwork in all its glory.  Here are the final few pages from this storyGraflit page 8_abGraflit page 9_ab

Old man and the 2B 2B 2b

….and its starting the build up to the BIG event.  Here’s a little bit more for you to feast your eyes on.  Remember Graphlit and Open Book Comics fest.  Go and feast your eyes and buy stuff!  Oh and here’s a few more pages for youGraflit page 5_ab Graflit page 6_ab

Old man and the 2B 2B 2

Ok – another one to ignore.

Some last minute changes before it all went to print (like i said i’ve never worked on one of these machines and have no idea how it will turn out) so BIG thanks to Jean the magnificent printer.

I had mentioned in previous posts this is rough – its not my finest BUT after years of hearing bullshit, listening to bullshit, seeing bullshit, people doing bullshit, folks getting rewarded for bullshit, I finally get the chance to express upon you MY own bullshit.

If you are not able to get to the exhibition or can’t purchase the limited book for the event here’s your chance to see a little bit of what you’ve missed  (so here are pages 1-4).

As I said it’s MY bullshit  – but its raw, it’s real and it’s honest.

Graflit page 1_abGraflit page 2_abGraflit page 3_abGraflit page 4_ab

Old man and the 2B 2

What is exciting for me this for this years Graflit exhibition is the publication that will be produced to coincide with the event. I’m just going to paraphrase here to explain:

“Launch of Graflit publication: The publication will be launched at the opening of the exhibition on

23 September. However, the publication will be on sale prior to this date in the gallery and at the Open Book Comics Fest.

GrafLit 2014 consists of a closely linked publication and exhibition – both entitled ‘Urban Interiors’.

The publication will be printed in a limited edition of 100 copies, in black & white only, on 210mm square single sheets, professionally wire ring-bound with covers handprinted in black & white, and containing approximately 20 self-standing graphic narratives. We see it less as a book than “a narrative object”, a work of “book art” that will be promoted and sold as such.” (Graphlit)

I LIKE doing projects like this I find them fun, interesting and stimulating – it’s also fascinating because its being printed on a Risography printing press.  Now i’ve worked on some pretty strange processes in my time and part of an illustrators craft is knowing and adapting their work to suit the print production.  This although not old (i think its late 80’s?) in the grand scheme of printing is something i have never produced work on and I really enjoy trying out something new and different.

What’s so fascinating about Risography? Well it looks just like a photocopier but that’s where the similarities end.

Risography is sort of like a high volume screen printer. Each print is made by scanning the artwork onto a heat sensitive ‘master film’ or ‘negative’, that is wrapped around a rotating drum, pushing ink through the exposed film and printing the pages as they pass below. Because of the nature of this printing method, there are some limitations to how your artwork gets processed and how it appears in print.” (paperpusher.ca) This was initially designed as a cheaper alternative to anyone wishing to print 20+ copy volumes.

The interior pages will be printed by comic art self-publisher Jean de Wet, who specialises in the production of hand-made mini-comics. His work has been internationally recognised and he has participated in international projects of this nature. With his involvement, we hope to achieve a publication that has the feel of a unique hand-made art book. We’ll be printing the interior pages on his Risograph printing machine, in black only.

Although there are no certainties with this type of printing, part of the mystery of the quality and outcome is exactly what makes Risography unique and attractive. A characteristic that ‘high-end’ or ‘glossy printing’ does not always possess.” (Graflit)

So there you go – I’ve produced some work for the project but i have absolutely NO idea of how it will translate itself onto the page and have tried to incorporate some elements that will push the limitations and boundaries of the machine.

I saw the edge of the cliff and jumped!  I hope I have a soft landing 😉